Bodegas Altanza, Reserva 2004
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Los de Altanza somos leales a nuestra tierra, a su vinedo y a su viticultura. Nuestra marca se refiere a esa LEALTAD, al compromiso y al carino de nuestro equipo con este proyecto de vinos de gran calidad.

  • FINCA VALVARÉS boutique wines

    Bodegas Altanza created a boutique wines series named FINCA VALVARES after the estate the winery owns and produces these wines from, and also an exclusive brand for the Chinese Market. After more than a decade exporting to China and getting to know the Chinese market, customs and people, Bodegas Altanza has gained a selective market knowledge and reputation and nowadays it is the Major Rioja Cellar exporter for China. FINCA VALVARÉS is a clear example of it, wines of a great quality outstanding from the rest of the wines and proud to have the highest ratings and awards in the most popular international contests. Get to know these boutique wines whose main desire is to please and offer always the best quality from the famous Qualified DO Rioja wine region in the north of Spain, and the quality of a grape like the Tempranillo.


    Aged for 6 months in French oak barrels, this wine is 100% Tempranillo cherry red colored icing and glitter middle layer. Remember liquor ice nose providing the tempranillo, milk sweets, cherries, nuts and smoked and comes from his upbringing. We find also suggests almonds and general sweetness. Its entry is fresh in the mouth and keeps that freshness on the palate. Its round and smooth touch on palate leaves you with a reminder to the sweetness and delicacy of the French wood noticeable because of the spices, balsamic, but also contains black fruits and it is a very well balanced wine. Ideal to take with small daily meals and snacks. Optimum serving temperature 14º AWARDS Commended by Decanter Magazine RRP Recommended Retail Price 7 Euro


    This wine is made 100% with the variety Tempranillo with the seal quality of Rioja. Aged for 12 months in French oak barrels and three months in French oak ancient vats it presents a garnet ruby color and brightness. Strong aromas of sweet red fruits very well assembled with wood smoked. It has a powerful and complex aroma. Its entry is fresh in the mouth and it keeps that freshness on the palate all along its path. It is round, with long aftertaste and clear memory of black fruits such as blackberries and blackcurrant leaves a long aftertaste. It allows a wide variety of meat dishes such as stews, lamb, game and generally strong flavors. Optimum serving temperature 16º AWARDS 90 points International Wine Review Silver Medal at Mundus Vini RRP Recommended Retail Price 9.50 Euro


    Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and three months in ancient French oak vats the wine is 100% Tempranillo with a cherry red colour and brick nuances. It is a complex wine, well balanced with an elegant nose that seduces you. It has extensive record aromatic balsamic notes reminiscent of mint and eucalyptus, and especially black fruit not mature as gooseberries or blackberries. From the oak you can also find spices, coconut and snuff leaves. His entry into the mouth is characterized by a silky, full and fleshy taste at every moment. It is a classic Rioja served in innovative way with a fruity driven style and with the best of a Rioja Reserva it represents the winery style in the reserva style. This wine has a long life ahead with power on the palate and long aftertaste that leaves no one indifferent. It pairs with a wide variety of dishes because of its versatility but it can also accompany daily meals as well as more elaborate meal. Ideal for special dinners. Optimum serving temperature 16º AWARDS 92 points International Wine Review 90 points International Wine Cellar 90 points Guía Peñín RRP Recommended Retail Price 18 Euro


    Aged for 12 months in new French oak barrels with an special toasted trademark by the cooperage and three months in ancient French oak vats the wine is 100% Tempranillo presents a shiny maroon cherries colour. It is a complex wine with a modern and creative style, well-balanced with a honeyed nose it seduces reminding dry fruits, chocolates, sweets and toasted wood. It has an intense and elegant nose which shows aromatic stewed fruit background, cherries and figs. Its entry into the mouth is characterized by its warmness, sweetness and pleasant nuances that make this wine elegant, nice but complex at the same time. It is a modern Rioja style created exclusively from the best grapes of our state with plenty of life ahead with a powerful palate and long aftertaste. It pairs with chocolate desserts, nuts, toast and smoky foods and coffee, in cocktails and snacks and sweet sauces dishes. Optimum serving temperature 16º AWARDS Commended by Decanter magazine Gold Medal at Mezquita awards RRP Recommended Retail Price 15 Euro

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